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Last April the Children's Home Society received an email from Heather Bond, who is a teacher at Willow Creek Elementary introducing her son, Brayden Bond, a prior senior at Eagle High. (Now a graduate!) For his senior project Brayden and some other students took on the task of researching anxiety and depression in children. Upon competing this project the students decided to raise money for the Children's Home Society of Idaho. The group went to Albertsons on Sunday, April 16th, from NOON UNTIL 6:00 P.M.!! They directed and encouraged people to visit our donation page and make a contribution. 

By taking the time to do this, this amazing team of six were able to raise $509.00!!!! These kids are our future and when we hear stories like this, we know we are in good hands! Thank you so much to Heather, Brayden and the students at Eagle High. Their time and generosity has made a big impact on the children in our community.

Due to this inspirational story, at this years Gala we started the 509 club in honor of Brayden, his family and the Eagle High students. During our FUND A NEED, we asked people to join the 509 club by matching the $509 contribution made by Brayden. It was a huge success and we are excited to make this a FUND A NEED tradition.  

2019 - 509 CLUB MEMBERS

Tim & Susan Bundgard

Trevor Lindsay

Marianne McIntosh

Doug and Christa Patton

Ben and Sara Slaughter 

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Brayden and Eagle High Students outside of Albertsons

Brayden graduates from 

Eagle High!

The Bond Family at the

2019 Gala